Embracing the WILD & the PRETTY. Home-grown, foraged and locally sourced flowers and plants. Coming from a strong lineage of gardeners, farmers and creative-types, these origins continue to shape my approach to urban flower farming and design. Designing with only fresh, seasonal products; and following a gardening philosophy to use natural and organic practices leaving a tiny footprint is what I aspire to.
A little about me, Amanda Langerak:

A true wildling, Amanda embraces the beauty of all that surrounds her. Gathering cuttings and pieces of nature her pockets are always brimming with a random selection of goods. While her great love is for flowers, she also loves propagating and learning about the healing properties of plants.

It's been a very long process for her to find her way to following this passion. Spending years travelling, nursing and working in a clinical environment, the idea for a local flower garden had been brewing in her mind, for awhile. Finally this is evolving into fruition.

You can find her dancing in the kitchen, talking animatedly to a friend and gathering armloads of botanicals to design with. She likes to write, paint, gather and dreams of big wide brimming flower fields.